1-Day Course

Gapsa Course 2
  • Travel Time : 4 hours
  • Distance : 10.2㎞
This is a long path that passes through Gapsa Temple, Wonhyodae, Yeoncheonbong Peak, Jayeon Seongneung, Sambulbong Peak, and Donghaksa Temple.
It’s a great path to take in the beautiful scenery of Gapsa Temple because it runs long Orisup Forest from Gapsa Parking Lot to Gapsa Temple, where you can see the ancient relics that have been there for more than one thousand years. Some of the important historical and cultural relics include Gapsa Dongjong, Gapsa Budo, Cheoldanggan, and Jiju. There is also an ecological path along the temple for visitors to appreciate the beauty of nature.
It’s a great course if you want to see the historical and cultural properties of Gapsa Temple and take in all the major sceneries of Gyeryongsan Temple. However, the trail can be too long and difficult for beginners to hike.