1-Day Course

Cypress Natural Recreation Forest ~ Anyangsan ~ Jangbuljae ~ Anyangsan~ Buksan ~ Yudunjae
  • Travel Time : 8 hours 30 minutes
  • Distance : 15.6km
By passing around Anyangsan and Baekma Ridge where there are different attraction points for each season with the azalea in spring and weeds in autumn, the area offers the full view of the peak of Mudeungsan and 3 major stone views (Ipseokdae, Seoseokdae, and Gwangseokdae). After Jangbuljae and Gyubongam, there is a full view of Buksan as part of Honam mountains crossing the silver grass of grass field in Sinseondae with the exquisite view for rock columns in Sinseondae.

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