1-Day Course

Dowon Village ~ Jangbuljae ~ Gyubongam ~ Simujigi Waterfall ~ Iseo School (Sangsang Arboretum)
  • Travel Time : 4 hours 40 minutes
  • Distance : 8.7km,
After passing Dowon Brand Village that contains splendid view and cozy atmosphere along to reach Jangbuljae, it has Dowon Valley with impressive broad and flat rock surface of Neoreok Bawie. The clean air of the valley makes healthy mind and body and it sprouts the phytoncide that is great for health. Jangbuljae is the hill on the elevation of 900m where it is the boundary of Gwangju City and Hwasun-gun. In the old days, people of Hwasun pass this ridge when come and go to and from Gwangju. After Jangbuljae, about 2 km of distance toward the Sinseondae direction in hiking path to meet Jigong Tunnel and Gyubongam. The height is 950m above the sea elevation and has the administrative district of Iseo-myeon, Hwasun-gun, Gyubongam is a small temple of Gwangseokdae as one of the three major stone views of Mudeungsan. They say not to mention the name of Mudeungsan without taking a look at Gyubong (Gwangseokdae) that this is the most splendid view in Mudeungsan as if the Gods engrave the jade to make the scene or as if a Korean painting was erected in the area. Simujigi Waterfall is known for having three rainbows visible under the sunlight to have its name of ‘Simujigi’ Waterfall. After the rain approximately 70m of rainfall brings out exquisite view.