1-Day Course

Dangsan Tree Course
  • Travel Time : 1 hour 35 minutes
  • Distance : 4km
This is the course to start from Jeungsim parking to pass Dangsan Namu to reach Jungmeorijae and this course offers to pass Dangsan Namu where it has the memorial service as the guiding god of the village to reach to the point that looks like the head of a monk to have the name of Jungmeorijae. This is the path relatively comfortable with splendid view in the middle that it is a representative course in Mudeungsan.
When passing Jeungsimgyo to cross the valley to pass the landmark stone at the entrance of 200m of Jeungsimsa. After going around Iljumun to pass the beautiful forest path to pass Jeungsimsa and the hiking path is fully begun. The path is well arranged in broad way that it reaches the old aged Dangsan Namu after passing the stone stairs. This is elm tree over 500 years of age that it is designated as a protective tree in Gwangju.
After passing Dangsan Namu, there is a one-way path in the forest and it leads to a rough path with stones, stairs, rocks and others all around. After meeting the intersection after Cheonjaedan and Bonghwangdae to reach Jungmeorijae, with the broad plain beyond and this is the location for Jungmeorijae. Jungmeorijae is famous for its azalea and silver grass that are growing to the fullest as the hub of the climbing path of Mudeungsan.

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