1-Day Course

Jeutjae - Old Path Course
  • Travel Time : 5 hours 50 minutes
  • Distance : 10.4km
Starting from the middle part of Mudeungsan, it goes through Jangbuljae to view Seoseokdae and Ipseokdae and this is the course to take a look at the entire outline of Mudeungsan. In addition, from the old paths of Mudeungsan, it may find Old Path 2 that is the best maintained to return back to Wonhyosa as it is the most recommended course to use public transportation.
For walking 15 minutes from the Wonhyosa entrance area, there is Jeutjae Intersection with spring fountain and walking 5 minutes more to the right side to the Donghwasateo direction to meet the Jeutjae signboard and it is the beginning point of full-scale hiking path.
The path that starts from Jeutjae to reach Donghwasateo has several sign boards. The hiking path is relatively well established but the road surface is rather narrow with severe slopes. Approximately 20 minutes from starting, it has the intersection for the forest path. The area has the observatory view point to look at Mudeungsan in full view that it would be a great idea to take a look at the beautiful scenery of Mudeungsan. From the observatory to return to the original path to go toward Donghwasateo to pass Neodeol area and talking about 20 minutes from here to meet the old Donghwasateo.
With Donghwasateo behind, walking some more along the ridge path, it has the magnificent view of beautiful silver grass as the pride of Mudeungsan in autumn. Walking for around 15 minutes, it has the landmark signage of lower Jungbong Intersection. From here, it may pass Jungbong to go to Seoseokdae or go straight to reach Jangbuljae. Lower part of Jungbong Intersection toward Yongchu Intersection seems like a turning around the mountain ridge. Walking for 20 minutes, it has the upper part of Yongchu Intersection and it has great views of Jungmeorijae and 4 water ponds around. Follow the valley direction for 10 minutes, Jungmeorijae and Jangbuljae are splitted from Yongchu Intersection.
From Yongchu Intersection to Jangbuljae, the slope is relatively steep to form the stone stairs. The elevation is high with the shaded area to form ices between the stone stairs. It requires extra care during the winter hiking. Climbing for 10 minutes further, it has the hillock path of Jangbuljae at 900m of the sea elevation where it is the boundary with Gwangju City and Hwasun-gun. Upon Jangbuljae, it has the magnificent view of Mudeungsan, Ipseokdae and Seoseokdae, as the pride of Gwangju. Jangbuljae has temporary evacuation sheds where visitors may avoid harsh wind and take moment of resting time.
Walking approximately 10 minutes along the managed road from Jangbuljae, an intersection is shown up. Walking straight along the road, it has Wonhyosa appearing and taking the right path, it has the split point of old path as the Old Path 2. Slope is not severe and many people use the way to easily find the road.

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