1-Day Course

Sinseondae Course
  • Travel Time : 2 hours
  • Distance : 10.4km
You cannot say that you have been to Songnisan Mountain without visiting Munjangdae. The path to Munjangdae most favored by hikers is the Beopjusa Temple ? Sesimjeong ? Munjangdae (6.9km) course or the Hwabuk ? Munjangdae (3.3km) course. The latter is the shortest way to reach Munjangdae. It takes 1.5 ? 2 hours. For a downhill course from Munjangdae, follow the Cheonwangbong Peak course to the south for half an hour, and you will pass Cheongbeopdae (Chilhyeongjebong Peak) and reach Sinseondae. There, follow a path leading to Beopjusa Temple.