1-Day Course

Cheonwangbong Peak Course
  • Travel Time : 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Distance : 14.2km
The course features: Cheongbeopdae Peak (or Chilhyeongjebong Peak); Sinseondae; Ipseokdae, which offers an open view of the Sinseondae ~ Cheonwangbong Peak; Birobong Peak; a bamboo colony leading to Cheonwangbok Peak.
Cheonwangbong Peak may look small, but offers a spectacular view. Munjangdae, Gwaneumbong and Myobong Peak come into view in the westerly direction. Hyeongjebong Peak and Gubyeonsan Mountain are seen in the southerly direction. Rain water flowing down from here in the easterly, westerly and southerly direction joins Nakdonggang, Namhangang, and Geumgang Rivers, respectively.
Nearby perpendicular, rocky cliffs are quite spectacular scenery.