1-Day Course

Daeseung Falls Course [Seoraksan]
  • Travel Time : 50 minutes
  • Distance : 0.9 ㎞
The 80m-high Daeseung Falls is located about 2 km from the entrance to Jangsudae in the direction of Daeseungnyeong. It is said to be one of the country’s three leading waterfalls, along with Guryong Falls in Geumgangsan Mountain and Bagyeon Falls in Gaeseong.
The following story is handed down about Daeseung Falls. A young villager named Daeseung was collecting mushrooms growing on steep rocks by hanging on to a rope tied to a tree on the top. He happened to see that a big centipede was gnawing the rope. At that moment, he heard the voice of his mother who passed away calling him. He gained strength and climbed to the top before the rope was cut off. From that time on, the waterfall was called Daeseung.

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