1-Day Course

Wando Gugyedeung Course [Dadohaehaesang]
  • Travel Time : 10 Minutes
  • Distance : 6.5km
Drive about 10 minutes on Seobu-Doro (West Road) from Wando-eup and you’ll see the Dadohae National Park Jeongdo-ri Hiking Information Center where you can learn about Gugyedeung in Jeongdo-ri before going there.
Obtain some information on Gugyedeung from the information center, go down the trail next to the information center, and you will see Gugyedeung Beach with nine stairs made of beautifully shaped pebble stones. As soon as you enter the beach, you will see big zelkova trees that set this beach apart from other pebble beaches. Some people even take a nap under one of the zelkova trees.
Walk along the pebble beach and go past a drinking fountain at the entrance. You will see a trail in the middle of the beach and another one about two-thirds to the end of the beach, which will take you into a windbreak.

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