1-Day Course

Hyangilam Course [Dadohaehaesang]
  • Travel Time : 2 Hours
  • Distance : 31km
Hyangilam Temple (Cultural Property Material No. 40) is one of the four temples dedicated to Avalokite?vara bodhisattva in Korea. Originally named Wontongam Temple, it was built in 644 (4th year under the reign of King Uija of Baekje) by a great Buddhist priest named Wonhyo. It was renamed to Geumoam Temple in 958 (9th year under the reign of King Gwangjong of Goryeo) by a Buddhist priest named Yunpil, and the current name Hyangilam was named by yet another Buddhist priest named Inmuk in 1715 (41st year under the reign of King Sukjong of Joseon). The temple served as a base for the army of Buddhist priests who helped Chungmugong Lee Sun-sin during the Japanese Invasion of Korea 1592. It’s regarded as one of the major temples in Korea after its main temple building, Gwaneum (Avalokite?vara bodhisattva) Hall, Chilseonggak (Taoist shrine consecrated to the Big Dipper), Dokseodang (Reading Room), and Chwiseongru were restored.
The temple earned the name Hyangilam because of the beautiful sunrise over the horizon of Southern Sea. It’s also sometimes called Yeongguam because there is a rock shaped like the back of a turtle.

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