1-Day Course

Baengmudong Course [Jirisan]
  • Travel Time : 4 hours 30minutes
  • Distance : 7.5Km
Baengmudong, situated in Macheon-myeon, Hamyang-gun, is one of the main gateways for climbing up to Cheowangbong Peak from the north of Jirisan Mountain. The path from Baengmudong to Jangteomok Shelter is 5.8Km long and takes 3 hours and 30 minutes to travel. 2km up the road from the Baengmudong Ticket Booth, a large rock situated in front of a steel bridge traversing the valley comes into view. This rock is called Hadong Bawi. Up the road a few hundred meters from Hadong Bawi, Chamsaem Spring, the last spring on the way to Jangteokmok Pass, appears. As such, it is recommended that visitors fill their bottles with water at this spot. Another two hours’ hiking along the path from Chamsaem Spring will bring visitors to the Jangteomok Shelter. Regarding the Jangteomok Shelter, Jirisan Sanjang Motel was first built here on Jirisan Mountain in 1971. It was reconstructed in 1986, and was renamed as the Jangteomok Sanjang Motel. The present-day shelter was reconstructed in 1997 to increase its capacity to 150 people.

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