1-Day Course

Nogodan Peak Course [Jirisan]
  • Travel Time : 1 hour
  • Distance : 4.7㎞
The Seongsamjae Pass ~ Nogodan Peak Course is open throughout the year, and takes just 1 hour (4.7km) to cover. Vehicles are not allowed in. Visitors depart from the Seongsamjae Service Area, and walk up the road for 30 minutes to reach Munenggi (1,250m above sea level). Munenggi, crowned with an observatory, overlooks Gurye-eup and the Seomjingang River. Walking 700m along the plain from Munenggi, visitors can reach two paths leading to the Nogodan Sheter, namely, the shortcut via the right-hand stairway next to Nogodan Valley (10 minutes) and the dirt road (20 minutes). From the Nogodan Shelter to Nogodan Pass (1,430m above sea level), visitors can climb up the mountain via the stairway and the plain road. The stairway, which is 200m long, takes 10 minutes. While following the course, visitors can take time to gaze on Piagol Valley, Hwaseomsa Valley, Munsuri Valley, Wangsirubong Peak and the Seomjingang River.

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