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Best Hiking Course

Sutonggol Course 2This 8.7km-long path starts from Sutonggol Parking Lot. It passes through Sutonggol Hiking Informati ...
Uido CourseUido Island is the only island in Korea that has a giant dune. It takes about 3 hours on a cruise sh ...
Three Day Tour Course○ Express Bus Terminal → Daereungwon (Cheonmachong) → Cheomseongdae → Gyerim Forest → Imhae Jeonji ( ...
National Parks` 100 Scenic Views, It is the Korea`s National Prestige!


  • Gyeryongsan
  • Deogyusan


  • nature

    • snowscape of Gapsa Ori Forest created by large flakes of snow.
      snowscape of Gapsa Ori Fo ...
    • a narcissus flycatcher
      a narcissus flycatcher
    • The view of the archipelago seen from the Dorisan Observatory at Jodo Island
      The view of the archipela ...
  • culture

    • Cheonghaksa Temple Site
      Cheonghaksa Temple Site
    • Maaeyeoraejwasang
    • Geukrakbojeon Wooden Amitasamjon Buddha Statue
      Geukrakbojeon Wooden ...
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